Keep Your San Diego Home Cool without Air Conditioning

Although San Diego is known for its relaxing beaches and year-round sunshine, there is a downside when summer temperatures begin to soar. Before homeowners invest in expensive air conditioning systems that require constant maintenance, it is important to look for other, more sustainable options. Learn more about the top insider tips for keeping San Diego homes cool without air conditioning.

The first tip is to examine the costs of air conditioning versus other available options. One newer trend in conservation is to install radiant floor cooling systems, which works especially well with tile flooring in San Diego. These systems work by running water underneath the flooring to create a cool surface throughout the house. When the air comes in contact with these cooler surfaces, it lowers the overall temperature of the house. The advantage of this type of system is that it can easily handle more variations in temperature differences when compared to other cooling options. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, homeowners can expect a 30 percent reduction in energy savings when compared to conventional cooling options.

Another insider cooling tip that works in conjunction with radiant floor cooling systems is to install fans and use swamp coolers throughout the house. Although fans and swamp coolers do not work as well individually, when combined with radiant floor cooling, they can easily create a comfortable home. For home owners who prefer the look of lighting without fans, there are options for moveable stand fans that can help to increase air flow. Homeowners can also incorporate fans into their décor by choosing ones that match the ceiling color and are flush-mounted. Swamp coolers can use duct work in the home to cool without interfering with how their home looks.

Homeowners can also install lined curtains in their homes. These can be used year-round to reduce cooling and heating costs by insulating the windows, which are prone to increasing electrical costs. Insulated curtains, or Blackout Curtains, can prevent warm air from entering in through cracks in the windows. These curtains come in a variety of different designs and patterns, so you’ll easily be able to find something that matches your home’s décor and flooring.

By following these tips, it is much easier to avoid costly air conditioning bills and maintenance. Each of these options helps to reduce environmental impact through energy usage while keeping cooling costs down.

Another way to save money is by installing new tile or hardwood flooring, which feels cool against bare feet despite the outdoor heat.

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