Since tile has been around for so long, many people often ask themselves if it’s a thing of the past. While they may often wonder if more modern materials are a better choice for their home, in doing so, they tend to overlook a truly amazing flooring. The truth is, although it was indeed invented so long ago, tile flooring is not a thing of the past. Rather, with modern manufacturing techniques and the latest designs, porcelain and ceramic have limitless design possibilities.

Now, let’s go over a few of the latest styles that may just pique your interest!

All-white ceramic tile

Without a doubt, there is nothing classier and more stunning than an all-white installation. In the bathroom, this is an especially sophisticated yet warm addition. All that white offers a mirrored effect that positively illuminates a room, making it glow. Compliment the look further with small, decorative accessories to create a chic space.

Multi-colored porcelain tile

In an installation that includes many different shapes and patterns, natural pieces offer a setting that, while multicolored, is also seamless in appearance. An invigorating, powerful effect is established – multifaceted yet under control. Make the area even more eye-catching by adding wall hangings and decorative accessories as accents.

Terracotta accents

Without a doubt, terracotta is truly original and lovely beyond compare. Made from soft red clay, it is a type of ceramic that has a natural feel and rich beauty. Though some terracotta is untreated, other forms come pretreated. As it is all-natural, the colors in these pieces are one-of-a-kind, offering a gently graded surface. If you’re interested in this option but are worried about how to care for it, ask your flooring experts for more information.

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