Organizing Mistakes That Set You Back

Organizing your home can be a daunting task, and your first inclinations about how to save space may not be helpful in the long run. At Unique Flooring in San Diego, we love to keep organized and have learned a lot about how to streamline getting orderly over the years. Avoid these mistakes to organize your home more efficiently:

  1. Not Thinking of Prevention
    Prevention is key in eliminating clutter in your house. When you identify the cause of the clutter in your house you can begin taking steps to avoid perpetuating the mess. Some common causes of clutter are keeping old mail and broken items.
  2. Waiting for the “Right Time”
    There is never the “right time” to begin organizing your home. Waiting for the summer or a free weekend will make the task seem even more daunting. Start in small increments to avoid feeling paralyzed by the large task.
  3. Not Creating a Disposal Plan
    Many people get stuck with bags of belongings they need to dispose of, but don’t know what to do with. Before you start sorting through your things, decide whether you will donate, sell, or throw you old belongings away. Establishing your disposal plan first will prevent sorted clothes and items from sitting in your house for weeks.
  4. Not Having a Goal
    If you’re not sure what you want your space to look like, organizing your belongings will be infinitely more difficult. Determine what purpose you want the space to be used for before you start so it becomes easier to remove items that don’t belong. Once you have an idea in mind arranging your belongings will be much simpler.
  5. Buying Too Many Storage and Organizational Products
    When it comes to storage and organizational products, less is more. Don’t buy seven storage boxes if you really only need one. Over sorting your belongings into many storage or organization bins can actually lead to more clutter.
  6. Putting Items in Storage
    Even though there are plenty of reasons to rent a storage unit, many people use storage to hold onto items that they aren’t sure what to do with or that they don’t need. Justify why you are keeping an item and why it can’t be kept in the house before spending money on storage.
  7. Putting Clutter in the Closet
    Shoving your belongings into a closet can be really tempting when you’re trying to sort through many items. Unfortunately, keeping your things hidden doesn’t mean they will disappear or organize themselves. Find a space for everything, rather than using the “out of sight, out of mind” tactic.
  8. Getting Distracted from Decision Making
    You may reminisce while looking through old photo albums or notebooks. This postpones your decision on what to keep, and slows down your organizing process. Create a pile for items you need to review before deciding to throw or give them away.

Keeping these eight mistakes in mind will help you organize efficiently and quickly. If you’re looking to make more improvements on your home once you’ve finished organizing your belongings, contact Unique Flooring in San Diego. Give us a call at (760) 945-0010 to learn about our carpet, hardwood, and laminate flooring options.