Labor Day is upon us and San Diegans are using the extended weekend as an opportunity to hit the beach or escape for one last weekend getaway. As the holiday marks the end of the summer season, we are gallantly headed into fall 2013. And what’s that mean in terms of design? New color palettes, new accessories and new trends altogether.

Already emerging as a 2013 fall design trend is neutral color palettes. Yes, we said it. While bold hues are still welcomed to add pops of color in a room, designers are moving toward “colorless” spaces. Instead of using contrasting colors, personality and style is added to a room by using a combination of various textures and shapes. If you’re already working with stone or tile flooring in San Diego, use the floor’s neutral tones as a base for selecting your wall and trim color, accessories and furniture. By layering several shades of beige, you can enjoy a look that is clean, modern and sophisticated.

This fall, you’ll also start to see things “put on display.” Known as the curated look, don’t be surprised when you start to see antiques and collectibles of the past popping up in new designs. The idea behind this trend is to create rooms that tell a story, whether the story is of a physical travel experience or is simply a reflection of one’s personality. Want to jump in on the curated look? Add a gallery wall with hanging pictures, or a display shelf with quirky and whimsical trinkets.

Finally, there is pattern. Although we saw pattern in the spring and summer of 2013, it was used mostly through wallpaper for feature walls. In the fall, patterns will be emerging anywhere they can. Although we don’t want you to cover the beautiful vintage hardwood flooring in your San Diego home, adding an area rug with a bold pattern is a great way to take advantage of this design trend. Plus, the rug is sure to offer some added warmth during the cooler fall season!

All great design begins with a solid foundation. If you have old or distressed floors in your home that need replacing, head over to the Unique Flooring store in San Diego. We can help you select flooring to serve as the perfect foundation for your new design dreams.