Pallet wood flooring has experienced a huge upsurge in popularity in 2014. Once you learn about the lovely rustic aesthetic and versatility of this material, you’ll begin to see why it has enjoyed such a boom in the world of interior design, especially here in San Diego.What is Wood Pallet Flooring?
Wood pallets are used for shipping products, and are usually discarded at the end of their useful life. Instead of stuffing landfills with defunct pallets or having them incinerated, many designers have come to see the value of re-purposing the material. Pallet boards are coarse, knotty and unrefined. This makes them a perfect medium for builders seeking a creative and bucolic interior atmosphere.

Why Has Pallet Wood Flooring Achieved Popularity?
For many individuals, it is fulfilling to re-purpose materials that are usually discarded. Recycling and up-cycling have become a passion for many homeowners. Many professional designers and builders think it is essential to incorporate a sustainable ethos within their trade. Aside from the environmental benefits of reusing wood pallets, it is also extremely cost effective. Since pallets can generally be obtained for free, the only investment needed is the time spent to disassemble and sort the wood pieces. Each flooring project looks completely unique upon completion. This provides homeowners a handcrafted, natural wood floor at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardwood flooring in San Diego.

Pallet wood flooring is popular for a myriad of reasons. While it captures the current zeitgeist of sustainability and environmental consciousness, it also lends a timelessly natural look to an interior. When considering a flooring material, recycled wood pallets fit the bill for a modern, stylish and budget-friendly source.

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