There are countless ways to create a fully functional and well-stocked home without making it look overcrowded. Learning how to use vertical space, plan creative storage areas, and install multifunctional features can help you get more value from your abode. The following redecorating tips, provided by Unique Flooring Oceanside, can dramatically enhance your living area and its overall usability.

Create a Window Bench
Installing a low-sitting bookshelf just below your favorite window can be a great way to get more storage and additional seating. You can cover the top of a deep bookshelf with attractive fabric and cushioning. People can sit there and enjoy the afternoon sun while reading and you’ll have plenty of room below to organize albums, pictures, and books.

Invest in a Loft Bed
Elevate your bed and take advantage of all the unused, vertical space in your home. Loft beds come in a number of styles and sizes and many have weight limits sufficient for accommodating adults. With a loft bed, you’ll get plenty of extra floor area for your desk, dresser, or other furnishings.

Use Less Furniture and More Accessories
Avoid filling rooms with a lot of large furnishings. Take a minimalist approach to seating and then stash a few decorative floor pillows in a large ottoman or nearby closet. You can increase the visual appeal of living spaces by stocking up on coordinating accessories instead. There will be plenty of room to move and plenty of color to catch the eye.

Create Visual Continuity with Your Flooring
Transition strips and changes between flooring types can make your home look a lot smaller than it really is. Having one seamless hardwood or carpet flooring design with no transitions can make the entire property seem far more open and spacious. Eliminating transitions in flooring can also make your floors much easier to maintain given you’ll only need one type of cleaning equipment.

Swap Your Coffee Table for an Ottoman
Use an ottoman for storage instead of a coffee table. These units are more compact and have a greater storage capacity. Best of all, if you have a small child running through the home, ottomans don’t have sharp corners and are less likely to result in injury.

If you’re trying to make space in your home to tackle some larger projects, turn to Unique Flooring for your design needs. We offer a variety of tile, hardwood, vinyl, and laminate flooring San Diego homeowners love to use. Stop by our showroom or give us a call today at 760-945-0010.