Remember the posters you tacked to your bedroom walls in high school or the neon sign your college buddy thought was the height of sophistication? How you choose to decorate your walls speaks to the overall image you want to convey with your home decor, whether you’re going for casual elegance or old-fashioned charm. Read on for some helpful suggestions from Unique Flooring San Diego to get started.

  1. Let the Space Dictate the Art
    You’ll want to take the size and shape of the wall into consideration while hanging your art. For example, a tall, narrow wall looks best with vertical artworks, while a large, wide wall requires equally large, wide paintings or photographs.
  2. Make a Plan
    Lay out your wall art on the floor and play with arrangement. Move things around and see what looks best. Don’t start hanging things until you know how you want them to relate to each other.
  3. Choose a Focal Point
    Start by hanging a single large piece like a mirror, then arrange smaller works around it in a way that you find visually appealing. With an eye-catching statement piece, you give the room a sense of balance and continuity, not to mention a topic of conversation for intrigued guests.
  4. Think About Color
    Group wall art according to color palette. A collection of black and white family photos can look especially striking hung together in an isolated space, like the wall next to a staircase. Similarly, several red-based prints hanging behind a red couch will make a bold statement.
  5. Get It Framed
    Even inexpensive pieces like posters can look more sophisticated when framed. Don’t go back to those high school habits! Pick up an inexpensive frame and paint it, or get a beloved movie poster professionally framed to turn it into a piece of art.

Choosing the right wall art is just the first step in creating a living space that represents who you are. When time and your budget permit, you might consider slowly incorporating a statement piece of furniture, new light fixtures, or even upgrading to elegant or vintage hardwood floors to really make your rooms pop!