Tips for Revamping a Starter Home

For young San Diego professionals who can afford to, buying a house is a much smarter financial move than renting a house or apartment. Rather than paying someone else’s mortgage, buying real estate allows you to build your credit history while earning equity.

Over the years, it is natural for a homeowner’s tastes, interests, and financial situation evolve. If you are living in a starter home that you purchased years ago, you don’t have to remain stuck with the same surroundings. Here are three tips for updating your home.

  1. Rip Out the Carpet
    If you have carpeting in portions of or throughout your home, you likely know that over time it can becomes dirty, tired and dated. Consider replacing carpet with a more durable option such as hardwood flooring. Find out which San Diego wood flooring options are available and start picking out which accessories will best match your updated interior.
  2. Change Your Color Palette
    To complement newly installed flooring, San Diego residents can perk up their space with a fresh coat of paint. Paint is a quick and inexpensive way to transform the look of any room in your home. And don’t overlook painting your ceilings something other than white. Choose a lighter shade for your wall color – or a completely different color that provides a pleasant contrast (for example, red walls look amazing paired with a light grey ceiling hue. Buy samples and experiment by painting swatches on the walls and ceilings before you commit.
  3. Ditch the Mini Blinds
    Buyers of starter homes typically are on tight budgets so they often forego flowing curtains in favor of cheap mini blinds. If you have mini blinds, investing in curtains will truly change the overall appearance of your interior. To make ceilings appear higher than they are, mount curtain rods a foot or so above the window frame. Make sure to buy long enough curtains so when they’re hung, the bottom will hit the floor.

These simple tips are easy ways to get a starter home renovation rolling, and before you know it, you’ll have a new home that matches your new, more sophisticated tastes and preferences!