San Diego homeowners with eclectic or unusual taste in interior design have plenty of options when it comes to walls, furniture, and decor. Choices in flooring, however, have always been skewed toward the conservative side. Fortunately, those who want their homes to exude personality and fun can check out these latest trends in flashy flooring.

Get Out the Paint
  • Go bold with a solid color
    Bold accent colors are no longer just for walls. Make your floor pop with a splash of navy blue, bright red, cool green, or vibrant fuchsia. Light tones and pastels, such as mint or lavender, will soften this daring statement and create an open, airy impression (perfect for San Diego), while a dark or more saturated paint will make the room feel cozier. Consider painting the walls neutral or a lighter shade of the same color to complement the floor.
  • Stencil a design
    Turn your San Diego hardwood floors into a work of art by painting a design on it. Buy wall or floor stencils or create your own by cutting out a pattern on a poster board. Fix the stencils in place with painter’s tape and use a roller to paint over them. You can feature one large design or repeat a smaller design across the entire area. Leave the gaps bare or paint them a complementary color.
  • Paint a pattern
    Chevrons, checkerboards, zigzags, stripes, polka dots, and simple geometric shapes are easy to apply yet visually appealing. Start by using painter’s tape to create the lines and boundaries of your pattern across the entire floor. Use a measuring tape for even, symmetrical lines or else freestyle it. With a roller, paint the surface a solid color or alternate colors.

Mix Up the Materials
  • Craft a cool texture
    Standard Berber carpet, hardwood, and laminate aren’t the only options for flooring. Search for unique choices to add interest and personality like cork, bamboo, leather, unfinished wood, stone, concrete, or wall-to-wall rugs, which will both look and feel interesting.
  • Create visual variety
    Even if you go with a traditional flooring surface, you can still add pizzazz by varying the types and colors of materials that you use. For example, buy several different types of wood or stain, everything from oak to cherry to pine, and mix them together on the same floor. Create a mosaic or “quilt” by selecting a variety of tiles and arranging them in an interesting pattern.
  • Choose unusual materials
    For the ultimate up-cycling project, collect cheap objects to make a one-of-a-kind floor. Bottle caps, coins, smooth pebbles, faux stone, bits of broken tile, and almost any other smooth, durable material can be converted into a floor surface. Apply an even layer of mortar and lay the objects randomly or in a pattern. Let the floor completely dry and then fill in the gaps with grout. Finish with a waterproof sealer.

Don’t let your floors bore you. Try one of these fun and wacky trends to make every room stand out!