Arguably the most popular item in waterproof flooring has been luxury vinyl. This material performs as good as it looks, it is reasonably priced, and it forms a waterproof barrier between the surface of the floor and the underlayment of the subfloor. This means that water is cleaned up easily on the surface, but it will not seep through to damage things underneath. It is a truly remarkable product.

Getting the latest trends with luxury vinyl flooring

LVF comes in two basic types. The first, referred to as vinyl plank flooring is designed to look and feel like hardwood. When it comes to design, one significantly popular trend is to alternate between wider and thinner thicknesses every few rows, helping to break up the look and design of the floor. Another option that is also popular is to have several different shades of this material interspersed, giving the floor a very distinct look and appearance.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring, a variant of LVF, does just what its name implies. It looks and feels like a wide variety of ceramic, porcelain, and stone floors. In this material, the marble look is becoming very popular, offering a very classy and attractive material for your floor, all at a reasonable price. Also, people are opting away from square tiles and toward rectangular tiles on the floor. This gives the floor a slightly less regular, though highly pleasing, look to the eye. Today, another prevalent option is tiling with highly decorative patterns, making either for borders to the flooring or across the entire floor.

The beauty of luxury vinyl flooring is that you can pretty much do anything with it that you can do with wood and tile, respectively. If that appeals to you, at Unique Flooring, we have made it our mission to give you the most comprehensive available selection of luxury vinyl while also helping you choose what style will best suit your needs. We serve the broader area of Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista, and we would love to serve you too. You can visit us at our Oceanside, CA showroom, or you can give us a call; we’d love to talk with you about these waterproof floors.