Pet-friendly homes need floors that are affordable, safe, and reliable. There are a wide variety of fashionable and durable flooring products that meet these requirements. Here are just a few that can keep both you and your pets living comfortably.

Much of the urban flooring San Diego homeowners love is also good for pets, and bamboo has become a popular flooring material for many pet-friendly homes. It has a reputation for being scratch and stain-resistant, making it ideal for high traffic areas. This hardwood material is environmentally friendly and easy to clean. The natural hardness of bamboo reduces the risk of dings and scratches caused by claws and nails, increasing its longevity and protecting its beauty.

Carpet Tile
Carpet tiles can make a great addition to a pet-friendly environment because they are easy to clean and replace if torn, ripped, or stained. These materials can be treated for increased stain resistance and they also create a sound absorption barrier. Carpet tiles provide an extra layer of foot protection and warmth for loved pets as well as a great place for them to nap, and they are available in many affordable styles, designs, and colors.

In San Diego, laminate flooring is another option many pet lovers consider when it’s time to remodel. Kitchens, baths, and halls often see a lot of foot traffic, which many types of laminate flooring can endure for longer use. These water-resistant materials are easy to clean and sterilize, making them an affordable option that’s easily replaced if necessary.

A less common flooring material gaining acceptance in many pet-friendly homes is cork. The materials are naturally antimicrobial and resistant to moisture. Cork reduces the danger of scratches, chips, and dings from busy pets while making cleanup quick and easy. The natural cork material deadens sound and is an eco-friendly product for environmentally conscious households.

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