We spend a great deal of time getting clean and ready to face the day in our bathrooms, so it’s no wonder many homeowners want to make this space look as appealing as possible. One way to achieve this is to change out the old countertops with something fresh and exciting. The design experts at Unique Flooring San Diego have a few suggestions you may want to try.

For an Upscale Look
Granite is a familiar high-end kitchen countertop material, but it also works fabulously as a bathroom countertop, creating a room with luxurious appeal. With the correct lighting to accent it, granite is unmatched when it comes to depth of character. A sealer can help keep this natural stone looking gorgeous.

For a Classic Feel
Modern laminates feature textures and edge details that make them look like natural stone. Affordable standard laminates are available in a myriad of patterns and several finishes. Laminate is great for bathroom countertops because it is easy to care for and forgiving should you happen to drop something on top of it.

For an Eco-Friendly Approach
Engineered quartz is labeled as an eco-friendly product. A combination of 93 percent quartz, which is the most plentiful stone on the planet, and 7 percent binder, in the finished form it is a solid surface that requires no maintenance other than regular cleaning. Recycled glass countertops are manufactured in a similar manner and the use of recycled glass bumps up the eco-friendly factor.

For a Unique Effect
Poured resin countertops are a hot trend among the do-it-yourself crowd. However, contracting with a professional may be the best option for getting positive results from this product. The possibilities in design are endless, and an expert can craft each countertop into an amazing, individualized work of art.

For a Natural Appearance
A newcomer to the countertop world, concrete is becoming increasingly popular in designs from sleek and modern to rustic farmhouse style. It is available in a growing array of colored dyes, stains, stamps, inlays, and finishes. Concrete is durable, properly reinforced, and can remain beautiful if sealant is appliedregularly.

Perhaps you’re already happy with your current bathroom countertops, but your floor needs a major facelift. At Unique Flooring, we offer a wide variety of wood, tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring in San Diego, and we also provide installation services. Stop by our showroom or call 760-945-0010 for a free quote.