What Kind of Flooring is Best for a Bathroom?

Flooring for bathroom floors has traditionally been limited to tile of some sort, whether ceramic, porcelain or stone. While tiles have been used in buildings for over 3000 years, recent advancements in flooring technology has allowed for some competition to sneak in and give you some options when selecting your bathroom floor.

Because of the high probability that water will touch and potentially puddle on your bathroom floor, the flooring you choose must be resilient against water penetration. Placing highly absorbent wood in a bathroom where you will be getting out of a shower or bath is a recipe for disaster. Some options for flooring that are water resistant include vinyl, both sheet and individual tiles, as well as the traditional array of hard tile options. While this isn’t an p/inclusive list, today, Unique Flooring in San Diego, CA is going to focus on some of the more popular DIY friendly options.

Advancements in printing and imaging technology has made the current choices for vinyl sheet and vinyl tile more realistic in appearance and thus more visually pleasant. Both are relatively easy for a DIY project, but if you have a lot of intricate angles to work with or are working in a very large space, the sheet vinyl may be difficult to work with. Click here for more information about available vinyl floors for San Diego homes.

The rise in popularity of floating laminate flooring has brought rise to a new trend – the resilient floating floor. These are essentially vinyl tiles that are larger and have an interlocking strip that allows the tiles to adhere to each other creating, in essence, a solid sheet of vinyl resistant to water penetration. The beauty of these new products is that they allow patterns of wood to be placed in a bathroom cheaply and easily where before, if you wanted a wood bathroom floor it needed a marine grade sealant to keep it from getting damaged.

If you are looking for the best options for bathroom floors on a budget, don’t discount some of the less-than-popular materials of the past. Today’s vinyls and laminates are not only high quality and durable, they are affordable and can mimic the appearance of sought after materials such as hardwood or stone.

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