When remodeling your bathroom, one of the biggest decisions you’ll likely make is whether you prefer having a relaxing tub or a cool walk-in shower. The right choice for you will depend on a few different factors. Before you make your final decision, the flooring and design experts at Unique Flooring discuss a few things you need to consider about each option.

Home Design
Whether you choose a tub or shower may depend on the design of your bathroom, which includes the location of the pipes, drains, and even the windows. If you currently have a tub installed in an alcove, removing it may leave you with a good amount of space to install a standing shower. However, if you have a stand-alone tub, installing a shower might be a bit trickier. You also need to decide if you want your new shower or tub near a window or not, which again comes down to personal preference and available space.

According to HomeAdvisor.com, most homeowners spend between $1,114 and $5,226 to install a shower in their bathrooms. The cost can go up if additional work is needed aside from the basic installation, including the cost to run new pipes or install a shower on an upper floor. HomeAdvisor.com estimates the costs for tub installation to be a slight bit less at $1,017 to $4,782.

Many homeowners choose new flooring to compliment their newly installed tub or shower. Homewyse.com estimates installing tile flooring in a 129-square foot space to cost between $163.51 and $226.79. However, this will depend on the contractor, the tile you select, and other factors.

Which Is Best?
Bathroom pundits widely agree stand-alone showers are currently in style, which means installing one is a definite upgrade to your bathroom. However, many real estate agents believe you won’t be able to sell your home if there isn’t at least one tub. If you can’t choose between the two, there’s always the option of installing a shower-tub combo.

If you’ve decided on a tub or shower but still can’t figure out the right flooring to complete the remodel, get in touch with Unique Flooring. We offer a wide array of affordable and attractive tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring Oceanside residents love. Give us a call at 760-945-0010 and one of our knowledgeable agents would be happy to assist you and provide a free quote.