If you've ever looked at someone's stone flooring and thought, "I wish I could have that!" you can, and it will cost a lot less than a quarried slab.

What is luxury vinyl?
Also referred to as LVF, this product offers nature-inspired wood, stone, and tile images, all taken with high-definition photography. They're clear and vibrant and have micro beveling and embossing to add depth, dimension, and textured looks, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, and distressed.

For additional realism, the material is cut into planks called luxury vinyl plank or LVP; it also is cut into square, tile-sized pieces that can be used with or without grout. This is called luxury vinyl tile or LVT. There are hundreds of images from which to choose so you can have gray wood look floors; slate or marble surfaces, among others; or colorful geometric, herringbone, chevron, and hexagon tile patterns.

This is so realistic that sometimes the flooring experts have trouble telling it from the real thing, but your wallet will know because you won't spend nearly the same price for genuine materials.

Waterproof and durable
LVF is five times thicker than the original product. It is a multi-layered product and, at the top, is a transparent, strong melamine layer that protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and spills.  On top of that is a urethane finish that adds extra strength and shine.

Made of waterproof materials, this can be submerged or spilled on and still be okay.

LVF needs regular sweeping and periodic mopping to keep it maintained. Installation can also be easy, especially when a floating floor is clicked, mat, and hover.

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