Tile is a flooring material that looks beautiful in any room or decor, from the kitchen and bath to the living room, hallway, home library, etc.

This material is durable and completely impervious to water; a tile floor can last up to 20 years or more with proper maintenance. It’s also easy to care for and cost-effective; with so much from which to choose, it’s possible to mix and match, automatically creating different price points.

Porcelain or ceramic tile?

There are two types and each has distinctive properties.

While both are made from clay, porcelain also includes sand and glass and is fired at higher temperatures, making it heavier and ideal for high traffic areas, outside installations, and commercial facilities.

While the basic color is milky white, porcelain can be made to look like anything, from wood to natural stone. If you want to bring out your inner palace or castle personality, this is for you.

Ceramic is thinner and, when glazed, is completely waterproof and has a tough outer shell, making it impossible to crack; if you do break one, you just replace the broken piece and not the entire floor.

Ceramics come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, and designs, all of which can be mixed and matched to create unique floors, backsplashes, and accent walls--even "tile art" if you're feeling especially inspired.

What is through-body?

Through-body means the color goes all the way through, so nothing will show if you chip it. It typically describes the level of durability with non-glazed tile.

With modern technology, glazing has produced a wide assortment of colors and patterns and that sits on top, so if you chip it, that will probably show.

Let’s be clear, though: One is not more superior to the other, and the reason this is brought up is because there has been a lot of debate and myth about through-body vs non-through-body. Glazed ceramics are just as, if not more, strong.


Because ceramics have such a hard surface, they don’t attract dust, pollutants or allergens. That’s great for both indoor air quality and for residents who have respiratory problems.

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