Aside from the importance of choosing quality flooring, what’s equally essential is a proper carpet installation for your San Diego home. As such, it’s crucial to hire industry experts, since the combination of quality carpeting and professional installers are key for long-lasting flooring. If you’re thinking of soft surfacing for your renovation project, then read on to find out more about what to expect during an installation.

In-store flooring experts will determine the ideal carpet

Everything starts at your Unique Flooring showroom in San Diego, CA where carpet specialists will work with you to determine your soft surfacing needs. After talking with you about your makeover expectations, in-store experts will go over what type of carpet installation for your San Diego home. At that point, showroom staff can recommend installers if needed. Once you make your selection, an estimator will come to your house and measure the space you’re redoing to verify the exact amount necessary for the renovation.

Professional installers will ensure proper placement

Typically, as part of their services, installers can move some of your furniture to clear out space. However, you will need to move decoration, lighting, and other small items on your own, ideally, before the crew arrives. Double-check with your installers before assuming they can transfer your belongings to another room to better understand if you'll need to hire extra helpers. In short, the goal should be to empty the room before the crew arrives, so you don’t have to worry about breakables and to also simplify your installer’s job (and speed up the placement process).

During and after the installation

Most teams provide free disposal service for the old flooring. They'll also prepare the subfloor and remove any trim or molding, which they'll put aside to reinstall afterward. Sometimes, despite their best efforts, damage may occur to the trim or molding. In such cases, it is up to you to replace them. Another item they may remove are doors. If your new carpet installation in San Diego has more height than your precious one, then the doors may need to be trimmed before they can be reinstalled. Should this happen, you may need to hire a professional carpenter to resize them.

Drop into our Unique Flooring showroom in San Diego, CA to check out the latest trending flooring and find the ideal surfacing for your home renovation.