Glazed ceramic tile can last for up to 50 years if taken care of properly.

It comes in a virtually unlimited number of colors and designs, from small mosaics to colorful, multi-shaped subway pieces. The flooring is versatile enough to look great in any room, from the living area to the entry foyer and, of course, the kitchen and bath.

You’ll be dazzled when you walk into a store and see the big variety.

Glazed vs unglazed

Glazing gives the ceramic a glass-like surface. It is a nonporous, hard coating; these ceramics can be used anywhere.

Unglazed tile is porous and lacks the protective coating. An example is a Mexican terracotta. It is best used in low-traffic areas where water and soil can't be tracked in from the outside to avoid staining.

While glass tile isn’t technically a ceramic, it does have the same qualities, such as durability and stain resistance. You can insert a few into your design to make the floor special.

Ask your tile retailer for more information so he or she can make suggestions on your flooring.

Two kinds of tile

Porcelain is a type of ceramic, but it’s composed of fine clay, sand and sometimes glass. It’s also fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic, making it heavier and more durable.

This tile is also completely waterproof, whether or not it’s glazed, and it is suitable for outdoor use on patio and deck floors.

A large format with a milky white, translucent quality, porcelain can be made to look like anything, from wood to marble, both currently trending looks.

Size is important when it comes to design; smaller rooms feel cramped if smaller ones are used while large tiles give smaller rooms a more expansive feel.

Patterns to make your floors special

Here are some pattern ideas that can make a room special.

●Straight-lay pattern. Here, they are aligned with the walls of the room, running parallel, or “square.”
●Diagonals work well with an entryway.
●Inset patterns and medallions.
●Herringbone and brick-lay patterns
●Various size tiles used in a recurrent pattern

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