If you live with pets and children, you know accidents happen. Trying to break them of bad behaviors can be nearly impossible, but you wouldn’t have them any other way. Rather than forcing these messy members of your family outdoors, make flooring decisions that let your pets and kids do their thing. With waterproof vinyl, you can breathe a little easier and let your human kids and your fur kids roam freely around your home.

Water isn’t the only wet substance that won’t seep into waterproof flooring solutions. If your pet isn’t house-trained, accidents can easily go undetected until odors set in. With a waterproof floor, however, these accidents will simply sit on the surface until you find them. Your kids’ spilled milk is no reason for tears either, when you have a waterproof floor.

It doesn’t just resist water and other wet substances. It’s coating also resists damage, so it shouldn’t show pet scratches or scuffs from clomping kids’ shoes. Its stain-resistance and easy-maintenance properties will also benefit moms and dads of human kids and fur kids alike. When you’ve got your hands full with little ones, these benefits are real pluses.