Tile Flooring | San Diego, CA

Why San Diego loves tile flooring

Tile has terrific heat transfer abilities. That means this flooring can keep you cool, and that’s a big advantage for residents of San Diego, which is known for its warm and sunny climate.

As long as the room is cool, so will be the floor. When you walk on that floor, your whole body will instantly feel cooler.

A variety of design options

Tile comes in an assortment of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, and designs so you can mix and match to create your flooring creation. If budget is an issue, just use a plainer one on the larger areas and add a few as accents.

This year is really about bold, vibrant colors and it’s also about nature. Since America's Finest City, as it's sometimes called, is so well known for its parks, beaches, and other waterways, you might want to add some chive green, hot pink, sunny yellow or blue to remind everyone about flora, fauna, sunshine, sky, and water.

Two tile options

While tile is often lumped into one word, ceramics, that's not quite accurate because there are two types. Each type has subtle differences that make one better than the other for your installation.

One is porcelain, a type of ceramic, which is also heavier, more durable, and completely waterproof whether or not it is glazed. This can also be used outside as flooring for patios and decks.

Since porcelain can be made to look like anything, the large format with fewer seams make it especially popular as a stone pattern, including marble.

Ceramic is a little thinner but, make no mistake, it’s just as tough. It does need glazing to be waterproof (the glazing also contributes to the hard outer shell), and it’s not recommended for outside use.

You can combine these to create various styles and you’ll often see this tile as backsplashes and accent walls, as well as flooring.

People also love it because it’s so easy to clean, affordable and waterproof. Have a professional install it because it’s very difficult to cut and layout can be complicated.

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