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3 Easy Ways to Maintain the Quality of Your Carpet

Carpet is a popular choice among homeowners as it is the only flooring option that provides a soft, comfortable feel. Popular for high trafficked areas including the bedroom, living room and family room, carpet often becomes worn and ruined. However, if you already have carpet installed in your home, there are ways to maintain its quality. Unique Flooring in San Diego provides 3 easy things you can do to maintain your carpets, extending their longevity and beauty.

  1. Use Doormats – when carpet runs directly to the wall, areas by doors and screens often become heavily worn and soiled. By using doormats in these places, you protect your carpet from the heavy traffic they undergo and can help extend the lifespan of your carpet as a whole. Unless you have carpet tiles, once these areas become ruined, the whole carpet will need to be replaced.
  1. Vacuum Regularly – One of the best and easiest ways to maintain the quality of your carpet is through routine vacuuming. By doing this, you are able to remove the dirt and debris from your carpet before it has time to settle and stain. Preventative measures are always better than waiting until it’s too late.
  1. Clean Spots & Spills Immediately – Accidents happen, especially if you live in a house with children or pets. While spots and stains may be unavoidable, by cleaning them as soon as they occur, you can help prevent the stains from soaking into the carpet fibers. The faster you tend to these blemishes, the better your carpet will appear at the end of the day.

In addition to routine cleaning, Unique Flooring recommends enlisting in professional cleaners a few times a year. There are many cleaning products that when used incorrectly can make stains worse and even more noticeable. Spending the extra money on professional cleaners ensures that this doesn’t happen and will result in noticeably cleaner, more comfortable carpet.

If your carpet floors are old and worn and need replacing, contact Unique Flooring today. We are a premier flooring store that specializes in carpet for San Diego homes. Call us at 760.945.0010 to schedule a free home carpet consultation or for an instant quote.

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