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What To Do with Your Old Carpet Floors

If you’ve had the same carpet in your home for a number of years, then you are no stranger to stains, messes and clean-ups. When your carpet floors just can’t hold up anymore and need to be replaced, many homeowners don’t give their old carpets a second thought and throw them out. What many people don’t know is that old carpet flooring is very versatile and can be recycled for a variety of uses. Unique Flooring offers some of the best ways to reuse your old carpet flooring.

  • Since carpet is a great insulator, you can use pieces of your old carpet to warm up your garage, shed, dog kennel or other outdoor space. Simply cut out squares from your carpet that are less worn and add them to any space that needs additional warmth.
  • Do you have a washer or dryer in your home? If yes, then perhaps you have noticed how your washer and dryer vibrate loudly while in use. By placing a large scrap of your old carpet flooring underneath both machines, the vibrations will be absorbed by the carpet and thus the sound reduced.
  • A piece of an old carpet can be a lifesaver if you ever find your car stuck in mud or snow. By placing a scrap of carpet under your tires, it can increase traction and help free your car.
  • Carpet floors offer excellent padding and can be used as doormats or as a helping hand when moving heavy furniture. Even if you throw a majority of your old carpet away, keeping some of the extra remnants in your garage or shed may come in handy in the future.

Premier & Professional Carpet Removal & Installation

If you have an old carpet floor and are in search of new carpeting, Unique Flooring is the preferred provider of carpet in San Diego. We offer some of the top carpet brands including Mohawk, Royalty and Shaw. Our carpeting experts are also very familiar with each of the brands and their offerings, ensuring they will be able to answer any of your questions and help you find the carpeting that meets your individual needs and preferences.

At Unique Flooring, we also offer professional carpet removal and installation, knowing that carpeting is one of the most difficult flooring materials to work with. In addition, our step-by-step installation method guarantees that your carpeting is installed correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty. Learn more about our premier carpeting store and stop by our location in San Diego today.

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