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Types of Carpet

There are many different types of carpet, all which offer their own set of unique advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your individual needs and personal preferences, there is like a carpet type that will provide you with more comfort, and overall benefits. To help you select the type of carpet that is ideal for your home or office, use the following guide which offers brief descriptions of the most popular carpet options.

  1. Texture – This type of carpet is one of the most popular, with a textured surface that helps hide both footprints and marks left behind from a vacuum. This type of carpet is preferred by busy households that experience a lot of daily traffic. With many brands offering textured carpet, individuals have many different colors and price points to select from.
  2. Saxony – Known for its luxuriously smooth and soft finish, Saxony carpets are used to add elegance to rooms in a home. They are a more traditional carpet option and come in various styles which tend to show subtle highlights and accents in color. If you are looking to install Saxony, it is important to know that while soft, they may not be as durable as other carpeting options.
  1. Loop – A casual carpet option, loop style carpets blend easily with any décor. The carpet also adds texture and is often flecked with different colors, providing a unique appearance. Known for their durability, the long-wearing surface is ideal for high traffic areas of the home. One of the most popular types of loop carpet is Berber carpet.
  1. Frieze – Beautifully crafted, frieze carpets are manufactured with colored yarns. The yarns can be either curled for a loose look or tightly packed for a more dense and compacted appearance. Frieze carpets are recognized for their flecked and multi-color patterns and add personality to any room. Many homeowners install this type of carpet in kids’ rooms for its fun look, soft texture and ability to hide stains.

Expert Carpet Advice from the Professionals at Unique Flooring

If you are interested in purchasing new carpets, visit Unique Flooring in San Diego. We are the San Diego carpet experts with a vast selection of carpets and a staff of highly trained and knowledgeable carpet specialists. We know you are presented with many options for carpet. We take the time to learn your individual needs to ensure you select the carpet that is best for your lifestyle. At Unique Flooring, we also understand that purchasing carpet is an investment and are committed to making sure you are provided with all the information you need to confidently make a carpet purchase.

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