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Cost of Carpet Floors

Carpet is typically lower in cost when compared to other flooring options. Even with professional installation costs added to the total value, carpet floors still tend to cost significantly less than their counterparts. As with any flooring option, however, there are various costs to consider when purchasing carpet.

Costs to Consider When Buying Carpet Floors

1. Cost of the carpet

The cost of a new carpet is many times the only cost people think they are going to pay, but that is not the case. When buying a new carpet, the price on the tag includes the cost of the carpet, but nothing else so make sure to leave room for other costs.

2. Cost of removing the old flooring

It is important to factor in the cost of removing your old floors when buying new carpets. Installing carpeting on top of old floors is not an ideal option and will only come to be a big expense later. It is important to remove the old flooring professionally to ensure quality carpet installation on your new carpet floors.

3. Cost of carpet installation

New carpets mean needed installation. By hiring a professional carpet installer from Unique Flooring San Diego, you can reduce the risk of making mistakes with installing your new carpet floors. One can self install carpet floors but that requires tools and physical labor, not to mention flooring skill and knowledge.

4. Cost of moving furniture and carpet delivery

When installing a new carpet floor in your home, it is important to remove every piece of furniture in order to properly install the carpet. A great way to save money is to move your furniture yourself and store it in your backyard or in your neighbor’s house while the installation process is being completed. Also, the price of carpet delivery needs to be factored in. Luckily, many companies deliver for free which means added savings on your end.

Buying a new carpet does not have to be a financial burden. At Unique Flooring San Diego, we believe that by doing proper research and budgeting wisely, one can save big when buying new carpet flooring. We are the San Diego carpet specialists and invite you to visit our showroom to view our wide selection of beautiful carpet floors.

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