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5 Popular Hardwood Flooring Brands

With hardwood floors, you are guaranteed a flooring option that offers timeless beauty. Hardwood floors are built to last and made to entice. At Unique Flooring San Diego, we pride ourselves in providing a wide array of hardwood flooring options for our customers.

All hardwood floors are elegant and durable, but each brand offers a hardwood that is unique. The following list outlines a few of the different hardwood flooring options one can choose from at Unique Flooring San Diego:

  1. Anderson: Known as the American classic, Anderson hardwood is the must have flooring option. With its cutting edge design and jaw-dropping beauty, Anderson hardwood floors are a top name in hardwood.
  2. DuChateau: With its medieval designs, rich dark colors and naturally changing grain patterns that illustrate classic design, DuChateau floors are a true one-of-a-kind. If you are looking for a sultry flooring option that has wow-factor, look no further than the DuChateau hardwood flooring collection.
  3. Garrison: For whimsical designs to class polished hardwoods, Garrison hardwood floors are a must have flooring option. Their time-inspired collection offers seek, contoured finishes along with rustic charm and eye catching finishes.
  4. Gemwoods: Gemwoods hardwood floors are a diamond in the rough. This fine flooring option has irresistible flooring designs that can fit any home décor. One look at Gemwoods hardwood floors and your eyes will be glued to the floor.
  5. Provenza: This hardwood collection highlights the majesty of the African plains. With warm earthy colors and innovative design, Provenza hardwood floors take the wonder of nature and transports it into your home.

Don’t Miss Out on Our Vast Hardwood Flooring Selection

With so many different types of hardwood floors to choose from, you are sure to find the floors of your dreams at Unique Flooring San Diego. To view our complete list of hardwood flooring brands, click here. If you are interested in scheduling a free hardwood consultation, contact us at 760.945.0010.

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