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Hardwood flooring generally costs more than other flooring options. However, no other floor can provide the unique look that hardwood does. At Unique Flooring San Diego, we believe that the perks outweigh the cost when it comes to hardwood and in fact there are hidden surprises with hardwood that benefit a homeowner.

With hardwood floors, one pays more upfront when purchasing the floor, but there are other associated costs that come with buying hardwood floors that actually give back to the buyer.

Associated Costs of Hardwood Flooring

  1. Added value to your home
  2. Less time cleaning and more time to do other things you love
  3. Added style and elegance to your home
  4. Time honored floors that can maintain a lustrous, elegant allure for generations
  5. Excellent choice for anyone with allergies
  6. Warmth and comfort for your feet
  7. Excellent insulator that holds in heat
  8. Variety and flexibility

Hardwood flooring costs will vary depending on the different type of wood chosen. Engineered hardwood for instance will cost lower than solid hardwood. When working from a budget, consider choosing engineered wood. Solid hardwood generally costs more than engineered but offers rich perks in color and finishing when compared to other types of wood.

If looking to save on hardwood flooring, installation is a great factor to consider. Some forms of hardwood such as the solid types require a lot of physical labor and thus a high installation cost. Engineered hardwood, however, it easy to install and can be done without intense labor or professional help thus saving you more on cost.

It is important to consider all the factors when looking to purchase new wood floors for your San Diego home. For further information regarding hardwood pricing, installation and design, contact our expert sales team at Unique Flooring San Diego. 

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