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Learn More about Exotic Hardwood Flooring in San Diego

Are you about to remodel your home? Are you looking for a flooring option unlike any other? If so, exotic wood floors may be the ideal flooring option for your San Diego home. When homeowners decide to remodel, they are usually looking to update their current space with the latest trends. As a result, many are turning to San Diego exotic hardwoods to create a stylish, one of a kind look.

What are Exotic Wood Floors?

Exotic hardwood floors are made of any type of wood that is found outside of the United States and is then imported into the country.  Some of the most popular types of imported wood come from South America, Africa, as well as a handful of countries in Asia. In total, there are more than 100 species of trees that are not native to the United States.

Benefits of Exotic Wood Floors

Similar to classic American wood floors, exotic wood floors are quite durable.  This feature makes them the ideal flooring option for homeowners who want to enjoy the durability of classic hardwood, but are looking for a flooring option that offers something different in terms of aesthetics.   Exotic wood floors come in a variety of colorations and patterns.  They add natural beauty to a room that cannot be mimicked by wood stains and other wood finishing products.

Care and Maintenance Requirements

Contrary to popular belief, exotic hardwoods require little maintenance and are able to hold their shine and luster for years.  Maintenance is generally the same as it is for classic hardwood floors.  San Diego homeowners who wipe all spills immediately and limit the floors exposure to water will help increase the longevity of their exotic wood floors.  Additionally, regular dusting, sweeping and vacuuming should be done to help care for your floors.

For homeowners interested in exotic hardwoods, visit the Unique Flooring showroom. We are a premier hardwood flooring store in San Diego and have a great selection of exotic hardwoods including bamboo, Brazilian cherry, African mahogany and more. If you would like to browse our other hardwood options or are interested in more classic hardwood finishes, click here.

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