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6 Great Fall Home Design Trends for 2018

Posted on September 7th, 2018 by

In late August, American coffee giant Starbucks announced the arrival of its seasonal pumpkin spice latte beverage, which has become a traditional indicator of fall being just around the corner. Tasty coffee isn’t the only lifestyle element that may remind homeowners of the season. Many homeowners start thinking about injecting new and fresh design ideas into their living spaces. Here are 6 of the most interesting home design trends for fall 2018.

1. Earthy Tones

Everyone is familiar with traditional autumn colors such as orange, dark brown, and yellow, but these are mostly accent colors for decorative purposes. If you’re looking for a year-round color that will go with everything this fall, consider something like Poised Taupe by Sherwin-Williams, an interesting mix of earthy brown with gray tones. National builders such as Lennar have adopted similar versions of this color for their 2018 home models inspired by Mediterranean architecture.

2. Japanese Minimalism

Japanese minimalism is a lifestyle trend that is now being applied to interior design in the United States. White is the flagship color of minimalism, a style that favors sparse yet stylish furnishings while allowing plenty of freedom for decorations as long as they don’t create clutter. Think about polished white marble flooring, dark countertops, eggshell-white walls, and a light-colored fireplace surround.

3. Going Green

Forest green is great for the holidays, but what about the rest of the year? If you choose a green palette this fall, you’ll be all set to decorate for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. After the winter, you can focus on indoor plants, paintings of forest scenes, and perhaps an aquarium.

4. Light Gold Accents

During the 2016 election, American homeowners were introduced to the interior design of Trump Tower in Manhattan. While the quartz flooring and laminate accents were widely praised, the same cannot be said about the use of gold accents, decorations, and fabrics. There is simply too much gold in Trump Tower, but this shouldn’t dissuade homeowners from combining white with beige and gold. The key is to avoid going overboard on the gold accents.

5. 1980s Revival

In 2017, the Miami Heat NBA team introduced a home uniform variation with a color combination that evoked the 1980s: pastel and neon mixed with wavy lines. This retro uniform option is similar to a revival trend among millennial homeowners who like the stylish looks of angular furniture, black and white contrasts, pastel colors, and splashes of neon.

6. Rustic Interiors

Contrary to what some people believe, rustic interior design is not going away. While it’s true that trendy restaurants are abandoning this style in 2018, homeowners are still choosing laminate wood flooring. San Diego homeowners also prefer textured stone slabs that feature a brushed and textured finish instead of a glossy polish.

Changing up the flooring is popular among homeowners during any season. For high-quality flooring materials or professional floor refinishing, San Diego residents can reach out to Unique Flooring. Call 760-454-1436 today for a complimentary quote.

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