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Posted on January 6th, 2014 by

If you’re looking to sell your home, there are some key things to consider when it comes to remodeling. But how do you know what upgrades to focus on? Should you redo the floors or the counters – which is a smarter investment? What are potential buyers in search of in today’s competitive housing market? Before you list your home for sale in San Diego, take a look at these easy updates and changes that will help ensure you get top dollar for your home:

    1. Get rid of your old carpets. Nobody likes dirty or outdated carpets. If you’re selling your home, invest the small amount of money it takes to get professionally installed San Diego flooring. Whether you choose to install new carpets or prefer a laminate, there are many flooring options that will produce a beautiful appearance that potential buyers will love, without breaking the bank.


    1. Consider hardwoods. In the Forbe’s article, “5 Things Home Buyers Want in 2013,” hardwood flooring is listed as the new flooring of choice, especially in the living room. Even if you don’t want to install new flooring throughout the home, focus on key rooms and living spaces for maximum impact. For more information on where you can find affordable hardwood flooring in San Diego, click here.


    1. Make your home tech-friendly. With the influx of technology in every room, it can get easy to become tangled in cords and gadgets. Turn your home into a “Smart Home” by installing the Lowe’s Iris Smart Home Solutions Starter Kit for under $200. This inexpensive tech solution appeals to younger buyers and can give you an advantage over comparable homes on the market.


    1. Create the ultimate walk-in closet. If you’re looking to expand one room, make it the closet. More and more homeowners are looking for that awe-inspiring dream closet with new carpeting, custom built-ins, and even a small makeup or seating area. Keep in mind that the list price of your home will reflect the amenities within it, so if you want to list in the top price range for your area, upgrading areas like the closet will help justify your price to buyers.


  1. Revamp your bathroom. This is one of the first things a potential homebuyer will want to see and many times is an area of the home that will detract them from purchasing. Ideally you’ll want to install big soaker tub, “his and hers” sinks and new clean flooring. However, if you aren’t interested in a complete remodel, focus on installing top of the line finishes (towel bars, handle pulls, shower heads, etc.) and add storage wherever possible.

Invest a little money now to make a lot of money later! These simple spruce ups and repairs could add a lot of value to your home when it comes time for selling. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, professional and timely company to install your new flooring and to provide design advice, contact the specialists at Unique Flooring in San Diego at 760-945-0010.

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