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How to Maintain Your Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are a great addition to have in a family home. Here at Unique Flooring San Diego, we pride ourselves in being the premier provider of laminate floors to San Diego families. Our expert team is a resource to our clients, helping them pick the right floor and guiding them through installation and proper maintenance.

The most important cleaning aid for your laminate floors is a broom. Dust, dirt and debris have a tendency to sit on top of laminate floors causing the floor to scuff, scratch and become dirty. A broom is your first choice in artillery when it comes to combating messy floors. A vacuum works well in cleaning laminate floors but it is essential to turn off the beater bar in order to protect your floors from damage.

Keeping Your Laminate Floors Looking Their Best

For deep messes such as greasy food stains, accidents and other soiling situations, it is best to clean your laminate floors using water and a mop. Many chemical solvents have the potential of damaging your laminate floors so it is important to stay away from these solutions. Due to its easy to maintain surface, laminate does not require such harsh chemicals and can become clean with nothing more than a mop and light water. Too much moisture can damage your floors so make sure you use a damp mop and not one dripping uncontrollably with water.

A great way to maintain laminate flooring in San Diego is to place a mat in high traffic areas. Front doors, kitchens, hallways and other high traffic areas of your home can cause stress and strain on your laminate floors. By strategically placing mats or throw rugs in these areas, you can protect your floors, maintain them longer, and ensure less time spent on cleaning.

To learn more about how to maintain and care for your laminate floors, contact us at 760-945-0010. Our expert team is available to answer all and any of your questions.

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