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How to Make Your Furniture Match Well with Your Floors

Posted on May 25th, 2018 by

The color and type of flooring material in your home will be one of the main features that determines the style of the setting. Many homeowners forget the furniture pieces used in each room should match the floors to ensure everything flows well. If you want to match your furniture to the flooring material, here are a few tips to follow. 

Create Proper Contrast 

Furniture and floors can blend in with each other if they’re the same color shade. A dark floor can swallow up dark furniture items and make it appear as if there is no dimension in the room. Consider purchasing new furniture or repainting the pieces you already own. You can also reupholster furniture to ensure there’s a proper balance and that it stands out on the floor. 

Avoid Sticking to One Color Shade 

Many homeowners make the mistake of relying on one color shade with the wood, carpet, or tile used throughout their interior setting. Although it may look uniform to select one color shade of the material, it can look more appealing to have a variety of finishes to expand the space and have proper contrast. If you don’t plan to invest in new furniture in the future, you can change the color shade and allow it to look different from the color of the tables or chairs in the room. Although it’s important to choose different finishes, avoid exceeding three color shades to prevent it from looking cluttered or overwhelming. 

Follow the Grade of the Flooring 

When you’re sourcing wooden furniture for your home or office, follow the grade of the flooring to ensure it’s the same style. If you own rustic furniture, opt for a wood flooring material that has a rustic tone and can complement the items in the space. Grades are often based on the number of surface markings created to make them look like authentic wood. The different grades available include natural, rustic, prime, and classic. 

Use Wood Surfaces Sparingly 

It’s easy to go overboard with the amount of wood present in the home, which can look overwhelming if they’re all interacting. Use wood sparingly to prevent it from looking heavy on the eye. Consider having a few upholstered pieces in the room if you have wood floors. You can also add a colorful rug to break up the space and separate your wood furniture from the hardwood flooring. San Diego flooring and design experts suggest relying on metallic décor items to accessorize the room with a material that prevents the environment from looking like there’s too much wood present.

If you’re a homeowner in San Diego, floor refinishing is a good idea for any wood flooring you have in your home. Contact Unique Flooring today for all your flooring needs, from installation to materials. Stop by our showroom or give us a call today at 760-945-0010 for a free quote.

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