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DIY Laminate Installation Tips

Unique Flooring is the number one source for laminate flooring in San Diego. We have a wide variety of laminate floor planks and laminate tiles, as well as an expert staff of laminate flooring experts to help you navigate the selection process. If you are looking to install laminate on your own, we have a variety of laminates that are great for self installation. Use the following tips to help ensure a hassle-free laminate floor installation.

When purchasing your laminate, make sure you purchase more than the exact square footage of your room.  Professional installers recommend having about 10% more than required to allow for waste from cutting, as well as mistakes.

Before installing the laminate, there are a few steps you must complete.  First, you need to clean the subfloor, removing any dirt and debris.  If any base molding is in the way, it can easily be removed using a pry bar and hammer.  Next, you will need to lay a moisture barrier down. Most laminates come with an attached underlayment; however, if your particular type of laminate does not, there will be one recommended by the manufacturer in the installation guide.

For door moldings, it is easier for DIY installers to cut away part of the door jamb and slip the flooring underneath instead of cutting the flooring to fit around door moldings. You can achieve this by placing a plank of the flooring upside down, next to the door jam. Then, place a flat saw on the plank and cut into the jamb.  Your cut should be at least a ½ inch.  The waste of the door jamb can then be easily removed with a screwdriver or chisel.

Need Professional Laminate Installation?

The remainder of installation will depend on the type of laminate you have as well as your manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.  There are also laminates that no longer require adhesive and can be easily clicked together and attached by grooves in the planks. If you feel you are not able to complete installation on your own, or want to be sure you do not void the manufacturer warranty by incorrect installation, consider a professional installer.

At Unique Flooring in San Diego, we offer professional laminate floor installation at an affordable price. Furthermore, with our premier installation services, homeowners can rest assured knowing their laminate is being installed right, the first time. To schedule a free laminate flooring consultation or to receive an estimate, contact us today at 760.945.0010.

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