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Do You Need Laminate Floor Underlayment?

Laminate flooring comes in a variety of patterns, designs and thicknesses. Depending on the type of laminate purchased and its thickness, you may also want to consider laminate floor underlayment. While laminate underlayment is not always required or necessary, the additional surface provides homeowners with a variety of benefits.

Underlayment is installed between the sub-floor and the laminate flooring and is most often installed as a cushion. Because laminate flooring is thinner than other flooring products, underlayment can help to increase its overall thickness and therefore makes it easier and more enjoyable for homeowners to walk on.

The extra layer provided by underlayment also helps with sound absorption. Thin laminates are often noisy when walked upon. The underlayment acts as a cushion and therefore reduces the sound. For homeowners installing laminate on the second floor of their home, underlayment is especially beneficial to help reduce the sound of footsteps or walking from the first floor.

A few final benefits of laminate underlayment are that it provides your floor with a bit more insulation and can act as a moisture barrier. It is important to keep in mind that not all laminate underlayment is successful at blocking moisture and success will often depend on the location of installation and the surrounding environment.

Selecting the Proper Laminate Underlayment

There are four types of underlayment: standard foam, combination foam/film, modified/upgraded and solid cork. Each type of underlayment varies in thickness, price point and offers a different level of sound reduction and protection. To select the underlayment that is the best match for the laminate you’ve purchased as well as for your individual needs, consult with a flooring contractor or specialist. Their expert advice will ensure that your laminate is protected and that you are happy with your overall laminate floor purchase.

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Unique Flooring is a premier flooring store that specializes in laminate flooring in San Diego. From our initial consultation and providing samples to our clients to expert recommendations and professional installation, we are your one stop shop for laminate flooring. With Unique Flooring, clients are able to rest assured knowing they are getting a quality product at a great price and that our staff of professional flooring experts are there to assist and answer any questions throughout the entire process. For a free laminate flooring quote, contact us at 760.945.0010 or visit our San Diego flooring showroom today.

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