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Luxury Vinyl is Sweeping Across Floors in 2014

Posted on February 21st, 2014 by

Vinyl doesn’t look anything like vinyl anymore. This new vinyl flooring, deemed “luxury vinyl,” can now take on the appearance of any other flooring you desire. Vinyl is the chameleon of flooring options allowing you to use one material to achieve different design aesthetics throughout your entire home. The bonus with luxury vinyl flooring in San Diego is that it’s a very affordable and easy to maintain option.

Not sure what exactly “luxury vinyl” is? We have some answers!

Q. How is luxury vinyl different from regular vinyl?

A. Luxury vinyl flooring options are made from higher quality vinyl making them more durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Q. What does luxury vinyl look like?

A. That’s the beauty of luxury vinyl, it can look like almost anything! Luxury vinyl floor tiles and planks are most often made to replicate wood, stone, tile and ceramic.

Q. Why shouldn’t I just get ceramic or wood floors installed?

A. Not only is luxury vinyl much cheaper than standard hard flooring options but it’s also warmer, softer underfoot and less prone to damage.

Q. Where can I install luxury vinyl in my home?

A. Anywhere! Vinyl flooring is great to use in any area of your home because it is resistant to moisture, durable and even dampens sound.

Q. What’s a popular brand of luxury vinyl?

A. Armstrong vinyl flooring is the new leader in luxury vinyl flooring patterns with Alterna Tile and Luxe Plank. Unique Flooring can install new vinyl that looks exactly like ceramic tile, rustic hardwood, stone, marble and more. No peel and stick tiles here because they’re made to look good while lasting years to come.

Q. I can pick more than one flooring design?

A. Of course! Luxury vinyl is very versatile and seamless when combining different styles from room to room.

When you select Unique Flooring in San Diego, CA to install your luxury vinyl you have a vast array of options. We could install the Natural Acacia “wood” vinyl in your living room, a beautiful Allegheny Slate in the kitchen, and perhaps the Carrera Marble or Durango Bleached Sand in the bathroom. With so many options it’s going to be hard to choose. That’s why we offer free in-home consultations.

You can call a professional Unique Flooring specialist at 760.945.0010 to set up an appointment today. We are more than happy to sit down with you to discuss your budget, style, timeline and what flooring would be the best fit for your lifestyle.

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