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How to Maintain Your Tile Floors

Tile comes in an array of patterns, colors and shapes and when installed, creates a beautiful, one of a kind look in any room. In addition, tile is an ideal flooring option for families and pet owners because of their resilient nature and durable design. If you are thinking about installing tile floors in your San Diego home, another added benefit is their ease of maintenance.

For clean floors that look as great as the day you bought them, read the following tips on how to maintain your tile floors.

  1. Dust and sweep your floors regularly
  2. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean tile floors
  3. For greasy stains, clean your tile floors with water, soap and baking soda
  4. Avoid water from sitting on your floor’s surface
  5. Use place mats in strategic areas (i.e. entrances)

Other Helpful Tile Floor Maintenance Tips

Although tile floors are known to last up to 30 years without needing to be replaced, it is common for a single tile to become cracked or chipped due to everyday wear and tear. Fortunately, it is fairly simple to replace a single broken tile and you can do so without having to rip up your entire floor. Be sure to order extra tiles with your initial purchase. Therefore, if the specific tile design is no longer available in the future, you will not have one tile that looks different from the rest.

Tile is a top choice in fine flooring. If you are interested in viewing tile samples, visit the Unique Flooring San Diego showroom today. We are recognized as the San Diego tile flooring experts and have a wide selection of some of the industry’s top name brands. In addition to assistance with picking out the tile that matches your personality and budget, we offer professional installation services. With our professional contractors and installers, you can rest assured that your tile floors will be installed quickly and properly.

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