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What You Need to Know Before You Buy New Tile Flooring

Many homeowners select quality tile flooring because they are a long lasting and easy to maintain flooring option. Although tile flooring is a versatile option, there are certain things one should take into consideration before purchasing tile flooring. The following list compiled by Unique Flooring San Diego outlines what homeowners should consider when buying new tile flooring.

Tile Grades: Tile floors are ranked on sturdiness, water resistance and durability from a point scale of grade 1 to grade 5.

  • Grade 1 tile is the least durable of all tiles and should not be used as flooring. This grade of tile is best suited for wall use whether to use as a kitchen backdrop or a decorative bathroom piece.
  • Grade 2 tile can be used as a flooring option but only in low traffic residential homes. This grade of tile can be placed on countertops or floors where little use is expected.
  • Grade 3 tile flooring is suitable for residential homes and can withstand areas of frequent traffic.
  • Grade 4 tile floors are heavy duty floors best used for commercial areas. While homeowners can choose this grade of tile as flooring, it is meant solely for durability so colors may be limited.
  • Grade 5 tile is a flooring option suited for dense, high traffic areas such as shopping malls and schools. This grade of tile should not be used in homes because it is meant for outdoor use and is difficult to keep clean.

Type of Tile:

Many homeowners choose either porcelain or ceramic as their preferred tile flooring option. If you are looking for a low maintenance tile floor, stay away from porcelain that is glazed (not polished) because it is more difficult to keep clean. Ceramic tile flooring on the other hand is easier to maintain, but may not be as sturdy as tile flooring made of other materials.

For assistance in choosing the right tile flooring for your home, contact the professional tile flooring experts at Unique Flooring San Diego. We have a wide selection of tile porcelain and ceramic tile floors and will help you find the tile that fits your budget and matches your individual needs.

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