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Expert Vinyl Flooring Consultations

More and more homeowners are turning to vinyl flooring because of its numerous benefits. In addition to being a low maintenance flooring option that is water resistant, vinyl is considered a highly durable material that when properly maintained, can be enjoyed for 10-20 years. In addition, modern vinyl flooring is available in a variety of patterns and designs that can help elevate the appearance of a room.

Unfortunately, for some homeowners vinyl flooring is not the best option. At Unique Flooring in San Diego, we strive for 100% satisfaction with all of our customers. As a result, we offer expert vinyl flooring consultations. We often talk with customers who have purchased vinyl flooring from another vendor and are unhappy because they quickly discovered that although vinyl offers many advantages, it wasn’t the best option for them.

The following are some of the questions our vinyl flooring consultants ask our customers to ensure that vinyl is the ideal flooring option for them.

  • Where are you installing vinyl? What subfloor are you installing over?
    If you want to install vinyl, it is important to have a smooth, flat surface. Because vinyl is relatively soft, when dirt or debris gets trapped between the subfloor and the vinyl, it can result in lumps in the appearance. Although barely noticeable at first, with time and regular wear, these lumps will turn into rips and tears, dramatically decreasing the lifespan of your vinyl.
  • Do you frequently have guests over? Do people usually wear shoes in your home?
    When it comes to stains and water, vinyl is a great option. However, vinyl is highly susceptible to rubber, resulting in discoloration and scuff marks. Rubber mats and the rubber soles on shoes can cause a chemical reaction and permanently change the color of your beautiful new vinyl floors.
  • Do you have young children or pets? Does anyone have sensitive allergies?
    Vinyl floors do not trap dust, pollen or other allergens, but when first installed, vinyl floors may release volatile organic chemicals in a household. This process, also known as out gassing, occurs because of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process. The level of out gassing will depend on the vinyl’s chemical makeup but can agitate respiratory problems and asthma, and may lead to eye irritation. Although this is not a serious problem since volatile organic chemicals are found in a number of household products, it is important to be as informed as possible when making a decision.

At Unique Flooring in San Diego, we have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is ready to assist you and answer any of your flooring questions. Our free vinyl flooring consultations are comprehensive and will help you in selecting which floors are best for you. We have a wide selection of vinyl flooring, as well as other flooring options if you decide vinyl is not the best option. Whichever type of flooring you select, you can rest assured that you were presented with all the information needed to confidently make a decision.

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