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Installation for Different Types of Vinyl Floors

One of the major benefits of vinyl is its cost. Vinyl is less expensive than many other flooring materials and is cheaper to install. With the help of technology, vinyl can also provide homeowners with the same texture and appearance of higher quality floors. To help make sure that vinyl products successfully mimic other flooring options, many vinyl manufacturers offer their vinyl products in different shapes and sizes including vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets and vinyl planks. Each type of vinyl flooring has its own method of installation which can be viewed below:

  1. Vinyl Tiles – Most types of vinyl tiles are easy to install with the help of an adhesive. The sub-floor will need to be prepared properly and thoroughly cleaned. If the surface is not clean and smooth, once the vinyl is applied, it can easily peel up or warp. Many vinyl tiles also come with a self-sticking adhesive on the back for additional ease of installation. The same type of preparation will be required whether the adhesive is already on the tile or needs to be purchased separately.
  1. Vinyl Sheets – Installing vinyl sheets is often more difficult task. The sheets come in rolls that measure 6 feet by 12 feet. You must cut away edges where you have furniture or doorways blocking and because of the size, the roll can be difficult to manage. When installing vinyl sheets, it is best to enlist in the help of a professional San Diego vinyl floor installer or contractor.
  1. Vinyl Planks – Homeowners can easily install vinyl planks either through the product’s grip strip technology or click technology. This allows you to click each plank into the next, offering extreme strength and durability. However, this is process takes a lot of planning and can be time consuming. Be sure to carefully map out your installation steps prior to starting and consult with the manufacturer’s vinyl installation instructions so you do not accidently void your warranty during self installation.

If you are unsure of which vinyl is ideal for your home and need advice or professional vinyl installation assistance, contact Unique Flooring in San Diego. We are experts in vinyl flooring and offer professional, fast and convenient installation. San Diego homeowners who purchase vinyl floors with Unique Flooring rest assured knowing they are recieving a quality product that will last for years to come. Contact us today at 760.945.0010 to get a free estimate and start planning your affordable home remodel today.

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