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Vinyl Flooring Maintenance Tips

Many homeowners struggle with finding a resilient flooring option for high traffic areas of a property. Kitchens, bathrooms and entrances all have a knack for being messy places that are hard to keep clean. When it comes to finding a reliable and durable flooring option for these high traffic areas, there is no better choice than vinyl flooring from Unique Flooring San Diego.

Vinyl is a low maintenance flooring option that, with the proper care and attention, can last for years. To help increase the longevity of your vinyl floors and keep them looking as new as they day they were installed, utilize the following vinyl flooring maintenance tips:

  1. Dust and sweep regularly: By regularly dusting and sweeping, you can prevent your floors from collecting piles of dirt and debris. Regular maintenance is better for the appearance of your floors than waiting until a stronger cleaning solution is required.
  2. Mop with water and soap: Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning your vinyl floors. Not only are they not necessary, some products that promise a deep clean have additional chemicals that can damage the top wear layer of your floor. With vinyl, all that is needed for an effective clean is a little water and soap.
  3. Vacuum with caution: If you choose to vacuum your vinyl floors, make sure you do not use a beater bar. This often scratches the surface and leaves streaks and scuff marks on your vinyl that is difficult and sometimes impossible to remove.
  4. Wipe up spills immediately: While vinyl is often stain resistant, to ensure that no discoloration is left behind after a spill, make sure to wipe up spills as soon as possible. Simply using a damp rag or paper towel will be enough to protect your vinyl.

At Unique Flooring San Diego, we provide a wide range of vinyl flooring options for our customers to choose from. Many select vinyl floors for their homes because of its many benefits, the foremost being easy maintenance. By following the above tips for maintaining your vinyl floors and receiving professional assistance from our expert staff, you can enjoy fine flooring at its best. If you would like to view our wide selection of vinyl or are interested in scheduling a free in-home vinyl flooring consultation, please contact us today at 760-945-0010.

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