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Need to Repair Your Vinyl Flooring?

You finally decided to throw out your old washer to replace it with a new one. You moved the old washer outside and everything was going as planned when you noticed that a deep gouge was left on the middle of your vinyl floors from the heavy pressure caused by the washing machine. Suddenly, what was supposed to be a simple task quickly turned into a troubling dilemma. This is one of the many troubling stories we hear from our customers. If you have vinyl floors in your home, chances are that you will need to repair damage at one point or another.

How to Repair Your Vinyl Floors

Repairing vinyl flooring is an easy task that does not require much hassle or worry. The experts at Unique Flooring San Diego offer advice on how you can repair your vinyl floors in a short amount of time.

  • For small spots, tears, scrapes, cuts or dings, a simple putty knife to clean the damage and a little adhesive can get the job done. There are putties made specifically for vinyl so check your local hardware store for ones that are recommended by your flooring manufacturer.
  • For curls and seams that come loose, it is important to quickly glue down the protruding material with adhesive and pin it down with something heavy until it sits and lays flat.
  • Large repairs can prove to be more difficult and require one to remove a scrap of vinyl from an unnoticeable area (such as under the refrigerator) and cover it over the affected area. To avoid tearing out flooring from any area of your home, make sure to buy extra flooring when purchasing your floor and store it in a utility area for future use.

Need additional advice for repairing your vinyl floors? Contact Unique Flooring for one-on-one assistance from a vinyl flooring expert. If you are thinking about purchasing new vinyl floors all together, Unique Flooring San Diego has a wide selection of vinyl floors that are built to last. Our expert sales team will help walk you through you vinyl flooring options and can offer repair recommendations and maintenance advice to ensure that you enjoy a flooring option that will last. Contact us today to learn more about vinyl flooring repairs or new vinyl installation.

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