During the pandemic, DIY home renovations have become increasingly popular. According to Angi, 81% of homeowners took on a home renovation project since the start of the pandemic. With so much time on people's hands, they have been making time for home improvement during their weekends and evenings. Here are some common products available at your local flooring store in San Diego that can help you achieve all your DIY flooring dreams.


The beauty of hardwood floors is that they can fit right into any space. They truly match the aesthetics of classic and modern homes alike. Durable, sleek, and easy to clean, hardwood floors not only add value to your home if you wish to sell, but they also add convenience and comfort. Engineered and natural wood are both available, the favorites tending to be red oak, hickory, ash, maple, cherry, and black walnut.


Vinyl is a versatile material able to appear like wood, tile, and even stone. This flooring material is easier on the joints and quieter to walk on, making it suitable for many homeowners. Each style is equally resistant to moisture and dirt, making cleanup as easy as ever. Like linoleum, the "give" that vinyl provides when walking upon it has made it a popular choice for bathroom and kitchen flooring designs.


Stone flooring is as durable as it gets. Its surface is non-permeable, making it impossible for allergens and dirt to bury themselves deep into your home, as they might in a carpet. When cleaning, you may even have to use fewer contaminants, as everything wipes up clean. Absorption is definitely a quality to consider, as stones like limestone and travertine do have some absorption to them. Similar to kitchen countertops, granite is completely water-resistant.

Your local flooring store will help you navigate the endless options for your home. When you install a new floor, the experience of moving about your home will be changed forever. You can improve comfort and home satisfaction simply by replacing your floor, and those two feelings can have compounding effects on the rest of your life. Contact us today for a free estimate, and get started on renovating the floor beneath your feet.