Provenza tresor collection


The provenza tresor collection

The Provenza Tresor collection is made of engineered European Oak planks that are handcrafted and completely unique. The beauty of natural hardwood flooring comes out in the character and individuality of the floor. With the Tresor collection, no two planks are the same. Each natural wood product comes with color, character, grain, stain, and finish variation. Throughout the planks there may be mineral streaks, knots, splits, cracks, splintering, and a variety of other imperfections. This adds to the character and individuality of the wood and isn’t a manufacturer defect. Each plank in this collection is lightly wire brushed with a slight color variation in each plank. Planks are 86.6 inches in length and 9.45 inches wide with a thickness of 5/8 inches.

This stunning hardwood floor can be installed using the glue down, staple, or float method. What method will work best for you depends on your individual space and flooring preferences. Planks can also be in light to heavy character when it comes to grade.

If you are in need of trim accessories, this flooring collection offers complementing quarter round, flush stair nose, square nose, t-molding, and reducer accessories. The flooring will therefore complement any flooring goals, no matter the space.

The Provenza Tresor collection comes with a twenty-five year finish warranty, a lifetime construction residential three year finish warranty, and a twenty-five year construction commercial warranty. You can be sure that your floors will remain in top shape for many years to come.The Collection

The Tresor collection is made up of an array of colors. The colors range from the more traditional to the more modern. With a multi-layered staining process and a variation between each plank, these floors give character to a space.

The collection offers a variety of light brown hardwood flooring. Amour is a stunning blend of light, dusty brown with warm hints of yellow brown throughout. For a slightly lighter brown hue there is Classique. This warm flooring option adds a nice glow to a space while still being on the colder hue in the color spectrum. Diamonte is warmer than both Amour and Classique. This flooring option is a blend of yellow browns, dark knots, and wire brushed details. Jolie is the perfect medium brown flooring option. It has a rustic feel to it while still being warm and inviting.

On the darker end of the spectrum, there is Maison and Symphonie. Maison is a warm blend of chocolatey browns, yellows, and chestnut brown. This stunning combination of colors makes planks that are stunning, sophisticated, and natural looking. A wire brushed finished and knots throughout add to the rustic feel of this bold color combination. Symphonie has slightly less color variation. A blend of dark browns and light browns, this floor is more uniform in a appearance and has a sophisticated feel to it.

The two light and rustic colors in the collection are Lyon and Encore. Lyon is a blend of light cherry brown with grey throughout that gives this wood flooring an aged appearance. Encore also has an aged appearance to it. The light grey blends together with cherry brown for a weathered appearance. With knots, cracks, and other unique characteristics, this floor has an aged and rustic appearance to it.


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