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Your hardwood floors are worth it

There is always some disdain in realizing the hardwood flooring is a bit more expensive up front. However, if you research the material well, and take it all into consideration, you’ll actually find them a true value over time. In fact, since they’re likely to be the last floors you ever install in your home, you’ll be saving a great deal. Even if you should decide to sell your home at some point, you’ll find these floors to be a true investment that pays off in a larger sale price. It all boils down to the fact that you simply can’t go wrong in choosing these floors for your own home.

At Unique Flooring, we are proud to offer not only high-quality floor coverings and excellent services, but we also offer amazing customer service and support. When you visit our Oceanside, CA showroom, we’ll help you choose the perfect floor covering for your specific needs and help get them installed to perfection. Should you need maintenance or repairs in the future, we’re only a visit or a phone call away, making us a true one-stop shop for all your flooring needs. Currently serving the Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista communities, we look forward to seeing you soon and having the honor of earning your business as well.

What hardwood can do for you

Hardwood flooring can easily be the most elegant floor covering you’ve ever had installed in your home. With a classic and timeless appearance, you’ll find this material not only matches a great variety of home decor but also withstands trend changes over the years. Installing these floors can mean that you’ll be “in style” for years to come while never having to install new flooring.

The most important choice you’ll have to make in your hardwood flooring choice is the wood species. Rated from soft to hard, you’ll need a species with a hardness that can withstand your specific levels of in-house foot traffic. Oak is a commonly chosen material, as it is hard enough to withstand some of the most active homes, while less active areas can choose something a little softer.

You should be aware that solid hardwood flooring must acclimate to your environment prior to installation. This can take from 24 to 72 hours but is entirely necessary so that your flooring does not warp, crack, or buckle after installation.

Our hardwood flooring experts

Unique Flooring is your number one source for San Diego hardwood flooring. Our highly trained staff members are friendly and experts in hardwood. Whether you are looking to install traditional oak floors in your living room or are interested in an exotic hardwood for a one of a kind look, the hardwood professionals at Unique Flooring will help guide you through the process of selecting the hardwood floors that are right for you. We proudly carry quality flooring options from the industry’s top hardwood brands including Anderson, DuChateau and more

Delivering the highest level of customer service

We are committed to delivering the highest level of value and service to every customer. Our hardwood flooring experts carefully listen and evaluate your flooring needs to help you select a hardwood that matches your personality and lifestyle. We understand that in addition to aesthetic appeal, you need a product that also fits your durability and maintenance requirements. San Diego homeowners, interior designers and builders rely on the professionals at Unique Flooring to provide exceptional customer service and expert hardwood flooring advice.

Premier hardwood services for San Diego residents

For the convenience of our customers, we also offer professional hardwood floor installation. Our professional contractors are knowledgeable and will install your hardwood in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty. Unique Flooring customers rest assured knowing their hardwood floors are installed properly and their investment is protected for years to come. We also offer hardwood floor refinishing for San Diego residents. With help from an experienced hardwood contractor, you can enjoy beautifully restored hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost of new installation.

Visit our hardwood flooring showroom today

At Unique Flooring, we provide premium hardwood flooring options, expert hardwood advice and services and exceptional customer service. We understand that homeowners have many options when selecting wood floors for their home or office. To help you make a decision that meets your personal needs, preferences and budget, we invite you to visit our San Diego showroom where you can speak with our experts and view our wide selection of products and samples.

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