Carpet binding


Carpet binding is serious business

When you choose custom rugs for your home, you will also need custom carpet binding to ensure the proper look and performance. The rug placement will determine most of your needs when preparing for the binding because each room is different. The more you know about the differences, the better service you’ll gain as you shop for each space.

What is carpet binding?

If this is your first experience with custom rugs, you may wonder what binding is and how it can serve you. This service puts an edge on your rugs to ensure their performance and visual appeal. Carpet binding is as beautiful as necessary, so making the right choices from the start is essential.



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What are my carpet binding choices?

There are three primary binding types, and each will serve you differently. A standard binding uses tape or fabric to create a classic edge in your choice of color and width. This choice is the fastest and most affordable and works in various spaces and levels of durability.

The next binding type is a serged edging, which looks like a hand-stitched binding choice. Choose your carpet binding color, thread type, and width for a stunning addition to any décor. These bindings are perfect for spaces with a bit more formality or beauty, where the rugs are easily seen.

Finally, fringing is an option that uses an edging with fringes of varying lengths, colors, fiber types, and designs. Some are knotted, while others hang loosely and should be used only in areas that don't need frequent vacuuming to avoid damaging the intricate work. This binding type is the most expensive and is often reserved for high-end custom rugs.

If you have more questions, ask while you're here. We'll make sure you see all the options that could work best for you, and we guarantee our work for your complete satisfaction.

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