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Loving your carpet experience

Households all over the country are enjoying the benefits that come with carpet, from a wonderful and alluring appearance to benefits that make this flooring a complete joy. It’s easy to create an inviting atmosphere in many different rooms, while also maintaining comfort in more private areas as well. Take advantage of advancements made in stain resistance, allergen control, and odor elimination as well, for an experience like never before.

Unique Flooring takes pride in offering the highest quality floor coverings along with customer service is aimed at complete satisfaction, every time. Our associates are both trained and experienced in every level of flooring service, from choosing the perfect material for your needs to installation and upkeep. Our services are customized per client and you’ll be consulted throughout the entire flooring process. Be sure to visit our showroom in Oceanside, CA. From there, we proudly serve the communities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista, and we look just as forward to serving your flooring needs as well.

Carpet and all that it adds to your home

Even if you’ve had carpet previously installed in your home, you still might not be aware of the many benefits that are available to you in this floor covering. With an extensive array of appearance options, you’ll enjoy the homey atmosphere you can create. Stunning varieties in colors, patterns, and designs are all waiting for your final approval and matching your existing decor is easily done.

There was a time when stain resistance was not a term used in discussing carpet. However, more manufacturers are offering products with stain resistance built right into the flooring fibers themselves, for stain fighting at its best. In fact, you’ll notice stains are not able to penetrate fibers and become permanent, which makes your floors much easier to keep clean. That protection also stays in place and you’ll never have to reapply harsh chemicals to your floors.

Have a busy, active household? Then you’re sure to enjoy the noise reduction that comes with this flooring. Especially between levels of your home, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in the echo as well as voices, clicking footfalls and so much more. This is a great way to add a calm and serene feeling to any home. You’ll also enjoy a safer walking surface for both the very young and very old residents of your home, where falls are much less likely to happen.

Your San Diego carpet specialists

Is carpet the ideal choice for your home in San Diego? Carpet can dramatically change the look and feel of any room. Many homeowners and commercial property owners feel that new carpet brings warmth to a room and also brightens the space, making it appear more spacious. In various areas of the home including stairs, bedrooms and children’s playrooms, new carpet provides additional benefits including sound absorption and comfort.

Offering premium carpet

Unique Flooring is your number one source for carpet in San Diego. We offer the latest carpet styles, fashions and colors from the industry’s top name brands. Our highly trained staff will assist you in choosing from our carpet roll goods, carpet tiles and carpet pads, while providing expert advice and practical flooring solutions.

Quality carpeting that matches your personal style

Carpeting is perhaps the most widely used form of flooring and is offered in a wide variety of colors, styles and textures. The type of fiber used and the way the carpet is constructed determines the basic performance of the carpet. A higher quality or better grade of carpet will remain in good condition and last longer than one of lesser quality. At Unique Flooring San Diego, we offer only the finest carpets for you to choose from. Browse our website to easily compare styles and brands or visit our showroom to experience the varying textures and designs first hand.

Reimagine your home

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