There are many choices today when it comes to bathroom flooring. From budget-friendly to luxurious, each option comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. When choosing a flooring option for a master bathroom, you probably don’t need to worry about children leaving puddles of water on the floor, but you may want to choose a flooring option that creates a relaxing retreat and offers the best return on investment. Here are the four best choices for a master bathroom.

  1. Natural Stone
    Natural-stone tile offers many unique advantages you won’t get with other flooring options. This luxury material can help you create an elegant retreat after a busy day whether you choose marble, granite, travertine, or slate. Stone is easy to maintain, and it can also be installed with a radiant heating system for toasty warm floors even on chilly mornings. Choosing natural stone for your master bath can also help you get a better return on your investment because bathrooms sell homes, especially master bathrooms.
  2. Luxury Vinyl
    Vinyl has come a long way in the last decade. Luxury vinyl closely resembles ceramic, stone tile, or even hardwood planks with very natural colors and a surface texture that feels realistic. Some styles of luxury vinyl planks are installed with grout for a more budget-friendly but still luxurious flooring solution. You can use luxury vinyl to get the look of hardwood flooring in your master bath without the headache of warped wood.
  3. Porcelain Tile
    For homeowners in San Diego, tile flooring offers everything you’re looking for in bathroom flooring because it’s waterproof and attractive. There are two types of ceramic tile: regular ceramic and porcelain, which is a type of ceramic with a much lower water absorption rate. While ceramic tile is fine for a powder room, it’s worth investing in porcelain tile for your master bathroom. You’ll find many varieties of porcelain tile to achieve the perfect look, including tile that looks like stone or wood, octagon-shaped tile, and small mosaic tiles to create a one-of-a-kind look for your private retreat.
  4. Quarry Tile
    If you appreciate natural materials, a quarry tile floor may be the right choice for your master bath. Quarry tile is made from shale and clay and comes in a range of brown, red, tan, and gray hues. Unlike some flooring options like marble and granite, quarry tile is naturally slip-resistant. While often mistaken for terra cotta, quarry tile does not absorb water, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor patios and pools in the Southwest. This unique material is gaining popularity in many areas of the country, especially Southern California, for indoor use. Quarry tile can be a great choice for achieving a unique, natural, and comfortable master bathroom floor.

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