Making changes around the home can be exciting, but before you rip out your current flooring you will need to take a few things into consideration. In order to choose the best flooring for your home, whether that’s laminate, hardwood, or soft Berber carpeting, think about these four factors as you make your decision.

Which type of flooring offers the best durability for your family needs? If your floor is going to take a beating, consider vinyl or tile flooring. Hardwood flooring may be better in homes that don’t experience much activity since it can scuff and scratch more easily. The durability of your flooring will go a long way toward your satisfaction with it and ensure potential upkeep costs are kept to a minimum.

Some types of flooring take more effort to clean and restore than others. Do you have the time and patience to clean the floor every week or two? Look into floors that are easier to clean and stay clean longer if you’re on the go a lot or just not into cleaning that often. You’ll have less upkeep and an easier time maintaining laminate and tile flooring, so they make good options for living rooms, bedrooms, and any other high-traffic rooms.

Cost of Upkeep
You have to look beyond the initial upfront costs of buying and installing the floors and think about long-term floor care. How much will it cost to have your floors cleaned by a professional? Are the home cleaning materials for the floor costly? If the floor needs repair or replacement, how much will that cost? These are questions you will need to keep in mind when selecting the right flooring for your home.

Slip Resistance
Some floors get slippery a lot easier than others. If you have an elderly family member living with you or small children, this is especially important to consider. Slippery floors tend to require a little extra maintenance to ensure they stay as safe as possible.

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