When choosing a new floor for your home or commercial property, there are often so many options that it becomes difficult to decide which is the best fit. Read on to learn why San Diego vinyl flooring is one of the most versatile options you can choose.

  1. Water Resistant
    Vinyl flooring is water resistant, which makes it ideal for areas like bathrooms, kitchens, or basements that are often moist or frequently face water spills.
  2. Lots of Design Possibilities
    This type of flooring comes in many colors and patterns and, since it comes in planks, you can mix and match different colors or patterns, or simply buy flooring that’s already patterned to look like stone or hardwood. Plus, vinyl flooring is also relatively easy to install yourself, so you can ensure it looks exactly as you imagined it.
  3. Affordable
    Compared to other flooring options, vinyl floors are relatively inexpensive, particularly if you go for plain designs. The low price point for vinyl gives you wiggle room for unexpected renovation costs and, as this type of flooring is also durable, you won’t have to spend more money down the line on replacements.
  4. Easy Care
    Vinyl floors are simple to care for, only requiring regular sweeping and semi-regular mopping. Vinyl is also pliable and resistance to stains, scratches, and other damage, which means that families with small children can rest assured that their floors will stay nice, even in the face of spills and arts-and-crafts projects.
  5. Comfort
    Another benefit to vinyl flooring is that it is comfortable to walk on. As vinyl doesn’t get cold in the winter the way that tile would, you can walk barefoot on vinyl year round. Plus, if you’re interested in making the floors even more comfortable, some higher end vinyl floors also have extra built-in cushioning.

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