Remodeling your home can be dangerous business! Here are five tips brought to you by the experts at Unique Flooring San Diego to help keep you safe until your DIY is done.

  1. Use Appropriate Safety Equipment
    If you’re renovating your home, you will need safety equipment like goggles, work gloves, and dusk masks. Eye protection is crucial during most remodeling tasks, especially those involving harsh chemicals and particulate like saw or plaster dust. If you are performing interior demolition work, you should also consider ventilators to protect your lungs from debris.
  2. Stay Focused on What You’re Doing
    Sometimes you just need to hear it, alcohol, drugs, and DIY projects do not mix. When using tools, especially sharp ones, you need to be alert and focused on the task at hand. Any distractions, including your cell phone or the television blasting from the other room, must be ignored to ensure your safety during the renovation.
  3. Read the Instructions for Unfamiliar Power Tools
    Never used a reciprocating saw before? You should read through the instruction manual before attempting to operate it. Most tools require a degree of knowledge or skill to successfully use them. In general, anything sharp and electronically powered falls into that category, so be sure to thoroughly read the safety manual before jumping into your project.
  4. Maintain a Clean and Orderly Area
    How did the nail on the floor get to be the nail in your shoe or foot? To prevent accidents like this, take the time to periodically tidy your work area. This is important especially if you are working with nails, glass, metal, wood, or anything sharp.
  5. Keep Kids and Pets Out of the Work Zone
    The worst accidents are the ones that happen to other people. The best way to safeguard vulnerable family members is to keep kids and pets out of the construction area until the project is complete and the area is free of safety hazards.

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