Home design is always changing, and many homeowners prefer to stay up to date on the latest developments so their homes have a modern feel. Many design trends that were favored in recent years are now waning in popularity. If your home has any of the following looks, you may want to consider a change.

  1. Gray
    When choosing neutral colors, you may want to avoid gray. After years of focus on this paint color, it is now becoming less popular. Gone as well are gray tile floors, which turned out to be a short-lived fad, so you may want to look into another color for your new tile flooring. Go for a classic white instead, or tints of deep and bright colors are always welcome.
  2. Gold Fixtures
    Brass fixtures, even verdigris and antique brass, are going out of style this year. Opt instead for stainless steel and brushed silver. This goes for fans, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and more.
  3. Tubs
    Even the best whirlpools are quickly becoming obsolete. Choose a larger shower instead. This is often one of the top investments in home improvement. When remodeling, use some of that extra space the tub was taking up to build exposed storage.
  4. Bird Prints
    Though it may be surprising to see this classic motif fade away, bird print fabrics and accessories are now being replaced by other nature motifs, and most are smaller in scale. Butterflies and bumblebees are the trendy prints for 2016.
  5. Overall Kitchen Design
    Kitchen designs are changing drastically for 2016. To get on-trend, you’ll need to remove the microwave over the stove, and—believe it or not—stainless steel appliances are losing popularity across the board. You may want to rethink your flooring choice as well. There are various new products on the market now, and you can find many different types of wood, tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring in Oceanside.

If these options do not seem appealing, avoiding the current trends may be a better choice for you. An all-white décor is always in style for any room, black and white is a classic that hits the mark every time, and you can’t go wrong with neutrals. You can protect yourself from having to change to meet the latest trends by going with a timeless design.

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